ABC123 Daycare Reviews, Testimonials

Here are some reviews and testimonials from some of our parents.

ABC123 Daycare Reviews

Thank you for believing in Boston. I think that has given me hope & peace. Thank you for helping him preparing for The Big K next year. I can’t thank you enough!! You are a rockstar!! Thank you for hiring great staff & teachers!!

-Shelta Collins

Thank you and your team so very much for all of your help with Lefty’s care the last few months. We truly appreciate you making what was a very rough transition after Harvey less hectic. Thank you all so much for your amazing care of Lefty!

-Love, The Holub Family

Thank for having such big kind heart to have created such an amazing place for our children. J picked this card out just for you, which is perfect. Your love for those kids is obvious and so appreciated. We have been so very lucky to know you and your staff and to be a part of your establishment. Your dedication and passion has paid off, and I owe much of who J has become thus far because of that.

With sincere gratitude for all you do.
-Jessica Clark

…they aren’t just ‘babysitting’ at ABC123, they have curriculum and she (Melissa) is always coming up with new ideas to keep them engaged.  The staff is like family, but I love that they aren’t just playing and that’s if they are learning but having fun.

-Deloris Collinworth Honick

I would not send my kids to anyone else around here.  I went to Child’s View 15 years ago to check it out, smelled like dirty diapers.  Went back last year to check out again for youngest child and thought the same…besides the fast they had a ridiculous number of kids in one classroom.

-Tammy McDowell Richey

My daughter (now almost 5) has been going to ABC & 123 in Hockley (South Magnolia, really) since she was 7 months old. The staff, kids and other parents are part of the family now.

More than any other daycare that I’m aware of, learning is the central focus. It’s not a place to have your kids babysat while you’re at work. From the very start, they are taught reading the writing and other skills. The Director, Melissa Shewbert, makes sure all teachers have approved lesson plans and is always utilizing the latest teaching techniques.

My two children have attended ABC & 123 for 3 1/2 years, and we could not be happier with the care they receive. The staff is so compassionate and knowledgeable, and it is obvious that they truly care about the kids. The owner runs a very organized business, yet she knows every single child and knows exactly what each individual needs to be happy and healthy. She cares about the kids and their families and does everything she can for her daycare kids. I always recommend ABC & 123 to all of my friends – my kids love this daycare and I do too!