ABC & 123 Daycare Infant Care and Early Education Program

ABC123 Daycare offers Infant Care, Toddler Care,  a separate classroom for Two's & Three's, Pre-K Care, and After School Programs. Most of our children come from the Magnolia, Hockley, and the Waller area.

Melissa Shewbert, the owner of ABC123 Daycare, has been taking care of children for over 23 years.  ABC123 Daycare strives to be the best daycare in the area. Our goal is to provide a high quality, nurturing and safe learning environment for your child(ren) that will help him/her grow into a wonderful, curious, and happy person.

All of our teachers are certified by the Texas Rising Star Program. Teachers create lesson plans unique to the students in this classroom, driven by their needs and abilities. All of our children in our pre-k program are academically and socially ready to attend Kindergarten.

Give ABC123 Daycare a call and we will be happy to schedule a tour of our facility and answer any questions that you might have. 281-356-1324

Our infant program is highlighted by loving caregivers focused on your baby's individual needs.  Our nurturing environment allows your baby to explore and learn in the warmth and security he or she is used to at home.

We partner with you to develop individualized feeding, playing, and sleeping schedules to reinforce your existing schedule.

Infant Room

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Toddler Room

Our toddler class is a very busy group. They are walking and exploring everything in their path.

New words and skills come weekly. They begin to recognize friends and family member. Colors , shapes, and new concepts are things they are learning.

Toddlers also start to feel separation anxiety at this age ( 12 to 18 months). That’s why we feel that maintaining a good routine in very important.
In this class the lesson plans focus on singing, rhymes, reading, and finger plays. This helps build vocabulary. They also have center play with home center, art, puzzles and much much more.





Two's Room

Our two year old class is a rambunctious group of children. They are putting sentences together, learning to recognize names, ABCs, and numbers.

The twos are also beginning to potty train.

They love learning and exploring. By this age they know colors, shapes, animals, animal sounds, and much more. Getty messy is their favorite thing. Painting, playdough, and shaving cream are just some of their favorites.

Our classroom lesson plans include center play, blocks, art, home center, manipulatives, and music.

We have a music person come in every Wednesday. The kids really enjoy singing with Mr. Rex.




Three's Room

We start using Zoo Phonic in this class. They do great because the program covers all aspects of learning. Since the alphabet is the foundation for all other learning, we teach the alphabet as a whole, not fragmented or mixed up, we are going to teach the whole alphabet every day. We will then concentrate for an entire week on one sound, exploring, for instance, the sounds of Bubba Bears letter (b) as we teach phonic awareness, food experiences,art, music , math,literature, science, psycho-motor play, sensory experiences, etc....

It is a joyful, playful, connected, and relevant curriculum. Children are kept in mind daily, knowing their need to explore, direct their own learning, and experience a myriad of activities, themes,topics, and adventures.




Pre-K Room

The program that we use at ABC &123 Daycare is called Zoo Phonics. This program will help your child grow emotionally and socially, as well as educationally. They will have plenty of time for free exploration. But they will also walk out of ABC & 123 Daycare fully equipped to begin the reading, spelling, and writing process in Kindergarten. They will know the basics of mathematics. They will get introduction to the world around them, and beyond them. They will be allowed to talk, share, analyze, conjecture, and create.

Pre- K children can write and recognize all letters. They can also write their names and much more. They can count to 100, cut and glue efficiently. They can recognize the words for colors, numbers, and shapes. The children enjoy our program and excel in all aspects.

prek prek2